Past Issues of ACCOUNTS: The Journal of the Union County Historical Society

Volume 1 Numbers 1 and 2 (2011)

Gideon and Elizabeth Smith of Buffaloe Farm by Nancy M Neuman
The Nolan Gang Prison Escape  
Warren "Short" Dietrich's Milk Route by Mark Wehr
Iron Smelting in Union County by Tom Rich
Look Up! by Deane Clements
Dining at Bucknell, 1846-1946 by Russell Dennis
William Long and Alcatraz by Robert K. Lynch
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Volume 2 Number 1 (2012)
A Pretty Picture is Worth a Great Story by M. Lois Huffines and Jack Fisher
Emigration of Union County, Pennsylvania, Families to Stephenson County, Illinois, and Green County, Wisconsin, 1837-1847.pdf" by Timothy J. Ryan
The Story behind the Pictures by Glenda Sheaffer
Lewisburg's Presidential Connection by Stanley Zellers
Bedrock: Genesis and Evolution of a Republican Bastion,Union County, Pennsylvania by John Peeler
Letters from Eli Slifer, 1861 by Jessica Owen
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Volume 2 Number 2 (2012)
The Christmas Belsnickle
by Nada Gray
Two Reels and a Crank by Nessie S. Watson
Unknown Fraktur from Central PA Artist: Are There More? by Joannah Skucek and Jim Bohn
More Union Countians who moved to Illinois, Wisconsin and Beyond by Carl R. Catherman
Jacob Stauffer Whitman, First Union County School Superintendent by Sidney G. Dreese
Theron Shoemaker Dersham, (1913-2004)
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Volume 3 Number 1 (2013)
M. Dyer and Son Store, Winfield, PA by Phyllis M. Dyer
An Overview of the History of Firefighting in New Berlin, PAby Harold E. Erdley Jr. and Diane Lengle
Major Fires in New Berlin by Jeannette Lasansky
Journal as Historical Resource: The Mark Shively Journal 1881-1894 by Marion Lois Huffines
The "Genealogy" of your House and Land by Carl R. Catherman

Volume 3 Number 2 (2013)
An Old Stone House: A History by Douglas Sturm
Adventures in Starting a Small Business in Lewisburg by Irmy Hartung
Elias Church History by Robert K. Lynch
A Year on Crystal Spring Farm by Ruth-Alice M. Seebold Spangler
Notes on the History of Lewisburg's Cameron Fire Company by Robert E. Stackhouse
The Bull Run Fire, Jan. 7, 1972 by Robert E. Stackhouse
Silent Voices: Amateur Photos and Movies as Historical Documentationby Lois Huffines

Volume 4 Number 1 (2014)
As the Water Rose, One Family's Experience with the 1972 Flood in Lewisburg by Betty Lou McClure
The Shenks Ferry Indians on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, 1300 to 1550 A.D. by David Minderhout
The 1790 Census: Portrait of the Susquehanna Frontier by Bruce Teeple
Andrew A. Leiser, Sr. and Pieces of His Mail by Roger Curran
The Lewisburg Airport by M. Lois Huffines as told by Ruth and Fred Brouse
The Shape of Time in Buffalo Valley: Traditional Barn Building in Union County by Christopher Macneal, AIA

Volume 4 Number 2 (2014)
The Susquehannocksby David J. Minderhout
A Seminary in New Berlin by Sidney Dreese
Massacre and Murder in the Susquehanna Valley: The Lee Massacre and Pine Creek Indian Murders by Kathy K. Swope
The Leroy Incident and Observations by Kim Adair Mattern
Mifflinburg Log House Restoration, A Labor of love by Carol Bohn

Volume 5 Number 1 (2015)
The Unforgettable Five and Tenby Manuel and Gale Duque
Lewisburg's Hotels: A Critical Examination by Richard A. Sauers
The Mill is Gone, but the Memories Live On and by Fred Johnson and Beth Johnson Hackenberg
Reverend Aaron Gobble and New Berlin's Central Pennsylvania College by Sidney Dreese
Raymond Chester Walker by Beth Hackenberg
Private Property and Public Virtue: Quaker Identity of Robert Barber of White Springes (Part One) by Christopher Macneal (Part two appears in Volume 5 Number 2, Fall 2015.)